About the association

We are a self-organized group of volunteers responding to the crisis in Ukraine. Many of us have lived in Switzerland for years. Knowing the local culture and mentality as much as the Ukrainian, we work for good integration and enriching multicultural exchanges.
We have committed ourselves as volunteers to help Ukrainian refugees with translation, administrative procedures and the collection of humanitarian aid. In May 2022, our group embarked on the organization of cultural and educational events for Ukrainian refugees in the canton of Vaud. Finally, our group formed an association.

Our mission

The mission of our association is:
- Support and represent affected people to protect their rights, interests and well-being.
- Promote the integration of people, not only in a new life, but also in the process of assimilating social norms and values.
- Draw public attention to integration issues.
- Bring diversity to Swiss society and enrich it through exchanges and the sharing of cultural traditions.

Our team

Daria Vorobieva, President, member of the Committee
Daria Vorobieva was born in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. She is a graduate of the Institute of Economics and Computer Technology. She works as a professional photographer. Daria is the author of several artistic projects that show the social and environmental problems in the Zaporozhye region such as: “I want to breathe” (against air pollution in the industrial zone of the city), “My new life after the divorce”, “Life after 50”, “My body is my business”, “Old mothers - young mothers”, “Cancer: we must not be silent”, “No to violence against women ”. Daria is married, she has two children aged 17 and 14. The war forced Daria to leave her hometown of Zaporozhye with her children. Since her arrival in Switzerland, Daria has worked as a volunteer to help her compatriots. In her spare time, Daria continues to devote herself to her artistic projects.

Olga Ho, Vice-president of our Association, member of the Committee
Olga Ho was born in Mariupol, Ukraine, in 1977. She has lived in Switzerland since the early 2000s. She graduated from Mariupol Polytechnic School in 1996. She also trained as a health assistant at the Red Cross, Lausanne, and currently works as a nurse's aide at Nova Vita Residence. She enjoys interacting with people and listening to their needs. Communication and sharing have an essential place in her daily life. She has been volunteering for several years in different fields. In her spare time, Olga is interested in art and nature. Olga is married and has an 18-year-old daughter. She works as a voluntary translator for Ukrainian refugees.

Madina Kukenova, Secretary, member of the Committee.
Madina was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan in 1974. Madina came to Switzerland in 2002 where she studied economics and finance at the University of Lausanne. With a doctorate in economics from the HEC faculty, Madina teaches economics and finance in several business schools. In addition, Madina works as an independent consultant for research projects in economics. Madina is married, she has two children who love classical music. Since spring 2022, Madina has been involved in volunteering for Ukrainian refugees.

Project coordinators - link

Activity report of our association for the year 2022

REPORT (in French)

Presentation (in Ukrainian)

Press reviews

“Dream” photo contest (Facebook)

Ukrainian Fair "Culture has 1000 flavors" of August 27, 2022:

    • 24 Hours: “Ukrainian cuisine, a treasure of generosity”, August 27, 2022
    • Journal de Morges: “We have not forgotten you, the fight continues”, August 30, 2022

Christmas Celebration, December 21, 2022

Projects of our association

1) "Learn and Live" - with the support of the “Chaine du Bonheur” foundation - link
2) Support course in mathematics-physics, Ukrainian literature with the associations AERUS and AKULA (EPFL)
3) French lessons at the Maison de Quartier Sous-Gare
4) Series of seminars “Cultural trip to Ukraine” and “Cultural trip to Switzerland“ with the Municipal Library of Lausanne 
5) Series of “Melting Pot” workshops with the support of Lausanne Integration Fund

• Whether we are Swiss, Ukrainian or from any other country we share the same universal values that can be
shown and transmitted by means of art.
• The idea of this project is to set up workshops in four neighborhoods of the Lausanne region and to allow all people
interested in learning more about Swiss and Ukrainian culture through creative activities.

6) “The long road to self”
Exhibition of photos and memories of women

• Daria Vorobieva is a photographer from Zaporozhye (Ukraine), who arrived in Switzerland in March 2022. Through photographs and interviews with refugee women, Daria tells the stories of women who are came here from different parts of the world, fleeing with their children from the war: The stories so different and so similar, telling the strength of the women and their difficult path to peace and happiness.

The next events

“Cultural Trip to Switzerland”
• January 25, 2023: History of Swiss watches: from mechanics to art
• 22 February Otto III de Grandson, 14th century diplomat and poet
• March 29: Legend of William Tell From 8 years old
• 31 May: History of Swiss medicine from the Middle Ages to modern times.
“Cultural trip to Ukraine”
• January 18, 2023: The Ukrainian language
• February 8: Literary heritage
• March 15: exceptional writers
• April 26: Exceptional figures
  “The long road to self”
• Forum de l'Hôtel de Ville, from May 22 to June 5, 2023

Future projects

- Concerts in refugee centers
- Master-classes and thematic workshops
- City excursions and visits to museums


You could support our activities by making donations:
Association “Together”, Préverenges, CH-1028, Switzerland
CH68 0900 0000 1564 1976 4

We would like to thank all those who, thanks to their financial support, have enabled us to continue our work in 2022:


Become a member

To join our association, all you have to do is complete the form below and pay an annual subscription of CHF 10.
Association “Together”, Préverenges, CH-1028, Switzerland
CH68 0900 0000 1564 1976 4

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