Chœur du Cœur

The song that unites nations and cultures

About Us :
We came from different cities in Ukraine and did not know each other before the war started. We left behind our usual lifestyle, work, friends and family. But we brought with us one thing: our love for music, our love for singing. This love was like an Ariadne thread that helped us take our first steps in a new, unfamiliar environment, to adapt to a new life.
Singing unites us, gives us strength and inspiration, through singing we can learn the language and culture of the country that welcomed us.
We want to show to Swiss people the rich musical and cultural heritage of our people who, despite all adversities, continue to live and fight.

Our vision:
We are Choeur du Cœur, and our name reflects what unites us: our love of singing, our passion for music and the sincere feelings we put into every note. Our choir is a place where everyone can find hist/her voice and give it to the world. We believe that singing is accessible to all who have the desire and the will to offer others a part of his/her soul.

Facts from our choir:
Our choir was created in spring 2023. The first rehearsals took place in the music room of the Collège du Léman thanks to the support of the commune of Renens. We also received financial support from UNHCR Switzerland.

Name: Chœur du Cœur
Location: Switzerland, Lausanne
Participants: Ukrainian refugees and Swiss residents.
Mission: Unite people through music and cultural exchange.

Our repertoire:

  • Ukrainian folk songs
  • Swiss folk songs
  • Popular Songs in French and English

Сhoir Directors

Philippe Telfser, сhoir director
Versatile talent in the world of music. He began his career at the age of 18 with a brass band director’s certificate, then went on to train as a choral conductor. Over the course of his career, he has directed a variety of choirs, from traditional to gospel, as well as French and international variety. Philippe also excels as a singer and arranger, composing his own arrangements and creating soundtracks to accompany his choirs. His dedication to choral music is unrivalled, having written over 120 harmonised songs for mixed choir. Philippe has been the director of our choir since February 2024.

Olga Ivanova (soloist, soprano)
Laureate of international vocal competitions. Graduated from the Kiev Glier Institute of Music, Kiev, and the Tchaikovsky Academy of Music, Kiev. She was a soloist of the Tchaikovsky Opera Studio.
Head of the vocal studio Mask.

Vladyslav Khairutdinov (рianist, аccompanist)
Plays the piano since the age of 5. Laureate of international competitions. Graduated from Kharkov University of Arts. At the moment continues his studies at HEMU (Haute École de Musique) in Lausanne.

Our events:

  • Thursday October 19, Bussigny Library
  • Saturday-Sunday, November 11-12 Artisan walk, Preverenges
  • Tuesday December 19, Lausanne Municipal Library
  • Saturday December 16 Ukrainian-Swiss Christmas Party, Ecublens
  • 28 January 2024, Concert of Ukrainian songs, Geneva
  • May 3, 2024, Crissier, Varnishing, Exhibition “La longue route vers soi” (The long road to oneself)
  • May 18-19, Rolle, Winegrowers’ Festival
  • May 25 2024, Ecublens, Intercultural Festival

Our next events:

  • 16 June 2024, Morges, Grand Table Festival
  • 20 June 2024, Renens, Square de 14 Juin, Vernisage, Exhibition “La longue route vers soi” (“The long road to oneself”)
  • 21 June 2024, Lausanne, Casino Montbenon, Fete de la Musique
  • 23 June 2024, Lonay, Chemin du Tulliere 27, Nano Festival

Thanks for supporting us: