Le théâtre de l'Espoir

Welcome to the page of the “Le théâtre de l’Espoir” project by the Together association!

About Us
The Together association is proud to present our project “Le théâtre de l’Espoir” – a unique initiative aimed at bringing together children from Switzerland and refugee children through the art of theater, singing, and choreography.

Our Objective
Our goal is to teach children the art of theater, singing, and choreography, with the production of two shows during the school year 2023-2024. The first musical “La féerie de l’hiver” was successfully presented at the Christmas celebration for children. The second show is planned for the end of the school year.

Why Theater?
The theater plays an essential role in our lives, reflecting our daily experiences and helping us better understand ourselves. It also offers opportunities for art therapy that contribute to soul healing, social integration, and cultural understanding. Our project aims not only to teach art to children but also to create a unique space for personal expression, communication, and skill development.

Target Audience
The project is open to school-age children.

Project Goals and Key Activities

  • Welcome Ukrainian and Swiss children for creative and collective activities.
  • Introduce school-age children to the art of theater.
  • Develop acting, singing, and dancing skills in children.
  • Learn cultures and languages through theatrical art.
  • Promote exchange between Swiss and Ukrainian children during cultural and friendly events.
  • Discover the music, traditions, and dances of different cultures.
  • For refugee children: improve language proficiency and boost confidence in social interactions.

Project Leader

Olena Liebed: Animator, singer-songwriter, and musician. Olena plays a key role in organizing various events for our association.

Join us on this journey into the heart of theater and creativity!

This project is supported by the Fonds lausannois d’intégration 2023.