About us

The Together Association is a self-organized group of volunteers responding to the crisis in Ukraine. The team behind it has lived in Switzerland for many years. Knowing the local culture and mentality as much as the Ukrainian ones, the Together Association works towards the healthy integration of Ukrainian refugees in Swiss society with a specific focus on enriching multicultural exchanges.

The team has committed themselves as volunteers to help Ukrainian refugees with translation, administrative procedures and the collection of humanitarian aid. In May 2022, the Together Association embarked on the organization of cultural and educational events for Ukrainian refugees in the canton of Vaud. The association has been growing and expanding its reach and influence ever since.

Our Promise
The Together Association vows to support and represent affected people by protecting their rights, interests and well-being. The Association works towards promoting the integration of people, not only in a new life but also in the process of assimilating social norms and values. Drawing public attention to integration issues is a key driving force for the team. Last but not least, the Together Association aims to bring diversity to Swiss society by enriching it through cultural exchanges and the sharing of cultural traditions via events and open discussions.