The Little Prince

We would like to start this narrative like a magical tale: “Once upon a time… Lived the Little Prince.” He lived on a distant planet, which was slightly larger than himself, and he really lacked a friend… This tale is about friendship and love, about beauty and intolerance towards evil… Here you feel like a child, and you begin to look at the world with completely different eyes. As Saint-Exupéry reminds us, “We are all born from childhood”… So we invite you to get acquainted with the Little Prince – the most mysterious and touching character in world literature.

Date and time of performance:
The show will take place on May 11, 2024 at 3:00 p.m. at the Salle Cazard, Lausanne


  • The Little Prince: Grégory Yakymenko
  • The Pilot: Yuriy Semerich
  • The Rose: Shostatska Kateryna
  • The Fox: Nalyvaiko Mariia
  • The King: Tarasque Akai
  • The Geographer: Daria Zalesskaya
  • The Lamplighter: Rudina Irynа
  • The Snake: Liebied Sofia

Technical team:

  • Director, audio composition: Olena Liebied
  • Video and media creator, translator : Tetiana Mamaieva
  • Set design: Zhanna Gutova
  • Screenwriters : Madina Kukenova


Price – CHF 20.
Price, discount (AVS, permit S or F) – CHF 10.
Price, children – CHF 5.

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Join us for an extraordinary adventure at the heart of the magical universe of The Little Prince, created by a talented and passionate team.